“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

“I had the pleasure of working with Anita while I was the Director of the City of Seattle's Office for Civil Rights.  Anita did project-based work for us, and she did it all exceedingly well.  She is smart, thoughtful, and creative.”

- Julie Nelson, Senior Vice-President of Center for Social Inclusion


"My life is back on track and I credit it to Anita and the awesome job she did with my business plan and supporting documents for my loan application. The church loved the proposal I submitted to open a daycare on site, and the process has begun.  Again thank you for being precise and thorough with my writing and for helping bring my ideas to paper... and to life."

- Cecelia Pretlow, Daycare Owner


"Ani, thank you for your assistance with my university papers.  You are one of the people who most encouraged me and supported me in making my dream of writing a reality!"

- Katherine Imus, Poet


"Working with your company while I completed my collection of poems was great fun.  Andrew and Ani are both intuitive, responsive and on time.  They helped me get my poetry in good shape for my dissertation.  I will definitely use Red Pen before shopping my final collection around to agents."

- J.L., Graduate Student at London Metropolitan University


“Anita was extremely efficient and productive.  She always had a handle on the pulse of communications and handles all work in a timely manner.  I would say clarity and organization are her hallmarks.  Her positive manner only enhances her ability to get the job done.”

- Kay Smith-Blum, CEO of Butch Blum, Inc.


"Thank you for proofreading my manuscript so quickly and for being so thorough!"

- Selene N., Screenwriter


“Ani is a great writer, prompt and decisive in terms of overseeing projects.  I would definitely recommend this young woman for any writing job.”

- Betty Patu, Seattle School Board President


"Ani was an immense help during my postgraduate year.  She has a strong command over the English language and the ability to edit my work while still keeping the voice my own.  I sent most of my fiction work to her and am working on a collection of poetry that I will send to her team before submitting it to any lit magazines."

- Sumera Siddiqi, Poet/Postgraduate Student, Abu Dhabi

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